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School of Ninja and Samurai 

Jiro Saito, Soke was born in 1925 in Japan, Kyoto Zone.
In his professional life as a physician (Oriental medicine) he passed the United States for a few years, lived in Switzerland for about 15 years, and the last years of his life were spent in Canada.
Heir to his Ryu, which he called Tai Ryu or Budo Tai Ryu, a school dedicated to the study of Ninja and Samurai Arts.
Until the death of Soke in 2018 his Ryu did not become very popular in the martial world, perhaps because the master taught in a very traditional way and did not like any kind of publicity to him as a master of martial arts, the master only taught in private or in very small groups.

I had the pleasure of receiving teachings directly from this Grand Master and in my point of view I describe Soke Jiro Saito as; a very traditional Grand Master, a person of few words. It was totally against the competition in the martial arts; it said "if you do competition you do sport, you are not practicing martial arts".
It is not known that until his death Soke Jiro Saito passed his Ryu to one of his oldest disciples. But even he has not directly named an heir to his Ryu, his teachings will continue to be taught by some masters who receive teachings from this great Master.

Budo Tai Ryu Dojo Portugal 


General Technical Program:

1- Ceremonial 
2- History and tradition Samurai and Ninja
3- GoDai - Relationship of the elements of nature with the techniques of Budo Tai Ryu (earth, water, fire, air, void)
4- Physical Preparation / Flexibility
5- Kaiten / Ukemis
6- Kamae
7- Aruki
8- Tobi
9- Atemi waza
10- Uke waza / Tai-sabakis
11- Kyusho Jutsu
12- Koppo Jutsu
13- Koshi Jutsu
14 - Ju-Tai Jutsu
- nage waza
- gyaku waza
- shime waza
- osae komi
15- Aiki-Jutsu
16 - Hambo Jutsu (stick 90cm)
17 - Nunchaku Jutsu
18- Iaido / Kenjutsu (Katana and Ninjato)
19- Jo-Jutsu (stick 130cm)
20 - Bo-Jutsu (stick 180cm)
21 - Tanto-Jutsu (knife)
22 - Sai-Jutsu
23 - Kama-Jutsu
24 - Shuriken-Jutsu
- Fukiya
- Shaken (star)
- Shuriken (dart)
- Tanto (knife)
25 - Yawara-Jutsu
26 - Kyudo
27 - Kusari-Fundo
28 - Shukos and Ashikos (metal claws)
29- other weapons
30 - Heiho (combat strategy)
31 - Gotompo (training in nature, camouflage and escape)
- Methods of camouflage, obstacle crossing, abseiling, climbing, slide, survival, emergency medicine 
- chi / earth, sui / water, ka / fire, moku / wood, kin / metal.
     32- Ninja Mikkyo (Ninja Philosophy)
     33 - Kuji-Kiri (channeling of energies)
     34- Mokutsu (meditation)

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Masters Recognized by Budo Tai Ryu Dojo Portugal:

- Hanshi Miguel Abreu 10Dan - Portugal
- Hanshi Mickael Taylor 10Dan - USA
- Hanshi Anthony B. Fernandes 10Dan - India
- Hanshi Prakash Wagh 10Dan - India
- Hanshi Spiridon Nasiakos 10Dan -Greece
- Shihan George Gaspar Munoz 9Dan - UAE 
- Shihan Tushar Kanti Das 8Dan - India 
- Shihan Eyad M. Al-Jamal 8Dan - Jordan 
- Shihan João Mendes 7Dan - Portugal 
 - Sensei Mouhane Boulouk 6Dan - Morocco
- Sensei José Carlos Gomes 5Dan - Portugal 
- Sensei Nuno Inácio 4Dan - Portugal 
- Mara Bernardes 1Dan - Portugal

GM Miguel Abreu

World Headquarters – Portugal